District & Session Court, Balrampur

List of Judicial Officers presently posted

District Court, Balrampur District Court, Balrampur

Balrampur Judgeship came into existence on 15-07-1999. Prior to its creation, Tehsil Balram and Tehsil Utraula of Balrampur District were parts of Gonda Judgeship. At that time, outlying courts of Civil Judge, Junior Division., Additional Civil Judge, Junir Division and Judicial Magistrate were functioning at Balrampur while one court of Civil Judge, Junior Division was functioning at Utraula. Presently, only one court of Civil Judge, Junior Division is functioning at Utraula under the control of Balrampur Judgeship.

Sri O.P. Verma was appointed as Officer-on-Special Duty on 09.02.1998. Later on he was appointed as District Judge, Balrampur.

Balrampur District Head Quarter is linked with Meter Gauge from Gonda Jn. via loop line.

It is also connected by road through Uttar Pradesh Road Transport Corporation direct to Lucknow, Kanpur, Allahabad, Jhansi, Delhi, Hardwar, Varanasi, Jaunpur, Basti, Bahraich and Utraula.

Devi Patan Temple pilgrimage is at distance of about 27 kms. from Balrampur Headquarter.

International fame Shravasti, the pilgrimage of Budhhists, is at a distance of about 17 kms. from Balrampur.

Nepal border is about 42 kms. away from Balrampur via Jarwa, the Police Station of Balrampur District. Likewise about 69 kms. via Pachperwa Police Station of Balrampur Distt. Headquarter.

At present following courts are sanctioned to this Judgeship : -

  1. District & Sessions Judge, Balrampur

  2. Additional District & Session Judge, Court No. 1, Balrampur

  3. Additional District & Session Judge/Special Judge (S.C.S.T. Act), Balarmpur

  4. Additional District & Sessions Judge, Fast Track Court, Balrampur

  5. Chief Judicial Magistrate, Balrampur

  6. Civil Judge, Senior Division, Balrampur

  7. Civil Judge, Junior Division, Balrampur

  8. Judicial Magistrate, Court No. 1, Balrampur

  9. Judicial Magistrate, Court No. 2, Balrampur

  10. Addl. Civil Judge, Junior Division, Court No. 1, Balrampur

  11. Addl. Civil Judge, Junior Division, Court No. 2, Balrampur

  12. Civil Judge, Junior Division Outlying Court, Utraula.

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