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List of Tenders
SL Description Date
1. Tender for supply of Stationery at Meerut Distt.Court  PDF  25/07/2017
Last Date:19/08/2017
2. Notice for auction of trees and woods at Gonda Distt.Court  PDF  24/07/2017
Last Date:29/07/2017
3. Quotation for Computer Accessories, Printer Cartridge, Recycling of Printer Cartridges and Paper at Allahabad District Court  PDF  22/07/2017
Last Date:31/07/2017
4. Notice for auction of old Photostate machines at Meerut Distt.Court  PDF  21/07/2017
Last Date:19/08/2017
5. Tender for supply of Furniture at Hapur DIstt.Court  PDF  20/07/2017
Last Date:20/07/2017
6. Auction Notice for auction of waste/weeded papers, lying in the premises of High Court, Lucknow Bench, Lucknow to be held on 01.08.2017 (Tuesday)  ODT PDF  19/07/2017
Last Date:29/07/2017
7. Quotation for purchasing stationary in Jhansi  PDF  19/07/2017
Last Date:20/07/2017
8. Quotation for Purchase of 2 Ton Split A.C. with Stabilizer at Kushinagar District Court  PDF  13/07/2017
Last Date:17/07/2017
9. Auction of 4 Photostate Machine at Meerut District Court  PDF  12/07/2017
Last Date:19/08/2017
10. Tender for form printing, computer maintenance and stationery items for District Court Barabanki  PDF  11/07/2017
Last Date:18/07/2017
11. Quotation for Purchase of Toner Cartridges, Refling in Ghazipur District Court  PDF  07/07/2017
Last Date:19/07/2017
12. Tender Notice for supply of stationery and other items at District Court Ghazipur  PDF  07/07/2017
Last Date:19/07/2017
13. Tender Notice for Supply of Stationary items and etc. at District Court Ghaziabad  PDF  06/07/2017
Last Date:29/07/2017
14. Auction Notice of condemned furniture, old building material, logs of trees and other condemned articles of Pilibhit Judgeship.  PDF  05/07/2017
Last Date:20/07/2017
15. Tender Notice for Supply of Server with Rack & U.P.S. at District Court Kushi Nagar  PDF  05/07/2017
Last Date:31/07/2017
16. Tender notice for Purchase of Desert Coolers for the use of Allahabad Judgeship  PDF  30/06/2017
Last Date:15/07/2017
17. Tender invited for supply of Water Cooler, RO, Desert Cooler at Meerut Distt. Court  PDF  28/06/2017
Last Date:29/07/2017
18. Tender Notice for maintenance of Lift at District Court Ghaziabad  PDF  28/06/2017
Last Date:22/07/2017
19. auction of Tree at District Court Meerut  PDF  24/06/2017
Last Date:26/07/2017
20. Auction Notice for unusable items at Agra Distt. Court  PDF  23/06/2017
Last Date:10/07/2017
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