Standard Operating Procedure for Ld. Advocate/Party-in-person for hearing through Video Conferencing (through Webex Event)

Webex Links of Court Proceedings for 30-11-2021 (Allahabad)

Chief Justice's Court

VC Link
Event number: 25172822495 Password: 123456

Court No 1

VC Link
Event number: 25178418430 Password: 123456

Court No 3

VC Link
Event number: 25141918746 Password: 123456

Court No 4

VC Link
Event number: 25144285401 Password: 123456

Court No 9

VC Link
Event number: 25118399249 Password: 123456

Court No 18

VC Link
Event number: 25148179348 Password: 123456

Court No 21

VC Link
Event number: 25161434079 Password: 123456

Court No 33

VC Link
Event number: 25135075390 Password: 123456

Court No 34

VC Link
Event number: 25156984897 Password: 123456

Court No 36

VC Link
Event number: 25115012002 Password: 123456

Court No 37

VC Link
Event number: 25163100030 Password: 123456

Court No 38

VC Link
Event number: 25113898899 Password: 123456

Court No 39

VC Link
Event number: 25136569948 Password: 123456

Court No 45

VC Link
Event number: 25169333100 Password: 123456

Court No 46

VC Link
Event number: 25157254338 Password: 123456

Court No 47

VC Link
Event number: 25160763743 Password: 123456

Court No 51

VC Link
Event number: 25183890736 Password: 123456

Court No 66

VC Link
Event number: 25136552567 Password: 123456

Court No 67

VC Link
Event number: 25120551963 Password: 123456

Court No 68

VC Link
Event number: 25193699574 Password: 123456

Court No 69

VC Link
Event number: 25173744418 Password: 123456

Court No 72

VC Link
Event number: 25131422910 Password: 123456

Court No 78

VC Link
Event number: 25132199308 Password: 123456

Court No 79

VC Link
Event number: 25125536396 Password: 123456

Court No 83

VC Link
Event number: 25148411726 Password: 123456

Court No 86

VC Link
Event number: 25115487584 Password: 123456

Join by phone (Dial-in numbers):
011-71279838 India (Delhi) Toll
011-64800114 India (Delhi) Toll
+91-8071279686 India (Bangalore) Toll
+91-8064800114 India (Bangalore) Toll

Learned counsels may please note that for the above courts, no separate application or request for Video Conferencing hearing need be sent. Learned counsels may join as per the Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) as and when the matter is called.


Kindly mention your name in the following format ONLY:
i) First enter the prevalent abbreviation to signify the List Type as per the table below:
F = Fresh
E = Additional Cause List
S = Supplementary Fresh List
B = Backlog Fresh List
D = Daily Cause List
A = Application List
ii) Enter the CORRECT SERIAL NO. (numeral) of your case, as appearing in the particular list i.e. 1-100.
iii) In continuation, type ( / ) followed by your name as appearing in the Roll of Advocates. FOR EXAMPLE:
(a) If you are appearing in the matter listed at Serial No. 1 of the FRESH LIST, and your name is Santosh Kumar, you may enter your name in the following manner :-
F1/Santosh Kumar
(b) If you are appearing in the matter listed at Serial No. 5 of the TRANSFERRED FRESH LIST, and your name is Arvind Sethi, you may enter your name in the following manner :-
FT5/Arvind Sethi
(c) If you are appearing in the matter listed at Serial No. 10 of the ADDITIONAL CAUSE LIST, and your name is Mahesh Kumar, you may enter your name in the following manner :-
E10/Mahesh Kumar
(d) The counsel for the Union of India and the State may, before typing their name (as above), prefix their abbreviated designation, then add another right slash ( / ) . Thus, if ‘Santosh Kumar’ in (a) above is a Standing Counsel appearing in the case listed at Serial no. 1 of the Fresh List, he may submit:-
F1/SC/Santosh Kumar
(e) Counsel appearing in more than one matter before a particular court may indicate all such case numbers starting with the first matter (in the Fresh List) in order followed by the others separating each number with a comma (,). For instance lawyer ‘X’ appearing in Serial Nos. 1, 15 and 20 of Fresh Cases may enter the following particulars

Procedure for Ld. Advocate/Litigant-In-Person for Participating in Hearing of a Matter through Video Conferencing (Jitsi Meet)

Help Desk Numbers:
Allahabad : 14600
Lucknow : 14601
Head Bench Secretary-For enquiries related to case hearing status
and video-conferencing links (Allahabad) : 0532-2622411
For technical assistance regarding video conferencing (Allahabad): 0532-2421744