High Court of Judicature at Allahabad


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High Court of Judicature at Allahabad endeavours to provide personalized cause list to learned counsels through SMS and email. As an enabler to the High Court, the learned counsels are requested to undertake a one time exercise of updating their respective case data with advocate roll number on the online application developed for the purpose available on Allahabad High Court Official website i.e www.allahabadhighcourt.in. The personalized cause list, through SMS and email, will be sent to only those counsels who have updated their respective case data with advocate roll number on the said online application. All the counsels are requested to update their respective case data on the online application at the earliest as per the process given below. The procedure for updation is provided herein:

Instructions for updating Case Data with Advocate Roll No.

  1. Advocate has to login with Advocate Roll no. allotted by High Court as USER-ID. (e.g A/A9999/1947)

  2. Bar Council Enrollment No. and year is his/her Password. (e.g. 11111/1947)

  3. Advocate?s names are being entered in three different places viz.

    1. As a first Counsel in main case

    2. As an additional counsel in case

    3. As a counsel for Applications filed in each main case

  4. Each advocate has to search his name in all the above three places.

  5. Due to very large no. of pending cases, searching has been divided year wise

    1. Cases upto 2000

    2. 2001 to 2005

    3. 2006 to 2010

    4. 2011 onwards

  6. For searching for their case advocates are advised to enter different spellings (if required) of their name in the text box. (enter their name using all possible combination. ( e.g. Mishra or Misra, Ajit or Ajeet, Dr. Abhay or DrAbhay, Dr-Abhay, A-K-Singh or A K Singh or Ajit K Singh, Mustafa or Mohd. Mustafa or Md. Mustafa etc. )

  7. On entering the Counsel name it will display the total no. of cases found depending on the search criteria. Searched cases will be displayed page wise with 15 cases per page.

  8. Every case will be displayed with its details and a CHECK BOX.

  9. If that particular case pertains to him/her, he/she has to tick the check box and press the update button.

  10. After submit button is pressed, system will update the cases with Roll No. and display the same with their roll no. instead of Check-Box.

  11. Advocate can move to next pages and repeat the process.

  12. There will be a facility to update the Mobile No. and E-Mail id (registered for Advocate Roll Number) for getting listing and other details of cases by SMS and E-Mail.

  13. In case a particular case has already been linked by an advocate and another advocate claims that he/she is the Counsel for a particular party then the particulars with supporting document may be submitted to the concerned S.O. of the section to which the case pertains for manual verification/ updation.

  14. In case name of counsel is not mentioned against the party in the computer database though his Vakalatnama is on record, he/she may submit an application with the S.O. of the concerned section for verification/updation.

  15. Advocates can also download a PDF file containing entire list of their cases they have updated online in each session.

  16. Updation can be an incremental process. It is not mandatory that a Counsel must update all his cases in one session only.


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