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List of Recruitments
SL Description Date
1021. Recommendation for the appointment of the SJM/SMM  PDF  20/09/2016
Last Date:30/09/2016
1022. Appointment Letter Class IV Examination 2015 Office Order 5007  PDF  16/09/2016
Last Date:16/09/2016
1023. Class IV Examination 2015 - Office Memorandum No. 5030  PDF  16/09/2016
Last Date:16/09/2016
1024. Drivers Recruitment Examination-2015 Notice No. 4964  PDF  16/09/2016
Last Date:16/09/2016
1025. Notice for joining on Class IV posts office Memorandum 5034  PDF  16/09/2016
Last Date:16/09/2016
1026. Limited Competitive Departmental Examination 2016  PDF  08/09/2016
Last Date:17/09/2016
1027. Limited Competitive Examination Amongst Civil Judge (Sr Division) - Recruitment to the UPHJS-2016  HTML 08/09/2016
Last Date:18/09/2016
1028. Modified Answer Keys of Preliminary Exam. of DHJS 2016  PDF  05/09/2016
Last Date:05/09/2016
1029. Revised Final Result for the post of Electrician  HTML 27/08/2016
Last Date:29/08/2016
1030. Admit Card of stage-2 examination - PA Recruitment Examination 2016  HTML 26/08/2016
Last Date:04/09/2016
1031. Notice - Interview for Recruitment of Law Clerk (Trainee) - 2016  HTML 17/08/2016
Last Date:03/09/2016
1032. Candidates of the RGC Examination-2014 hereby Forfeited  PDF  10/08/2016
Last Date:10/08/2016
1033. Final Result for the Post of Electrician has been Cancelled  PDF  10/08/2016
Last Date:10/08/2016
1034. Result of written examination ( Stage-I) for Personal Assistant Recruitment Examination-2016  HTML 10/08/2016
Last Date:10/08/2016
1035. Corrigendum of Answer Keys of Preliminary Exam. of DHJS 2016  PDF  08/08/2016
Last Date:18/08/2016
1036. Answer Keys of Preliminary Exam. of DHJS 2016  PDF  04/08/2016
Last Date:14/08/2016
1037. Further Extension in Joining Time on the Post of A.R.O. Candidate  PDF  01/08/2016
Last Date:01/08/2016
1038. Notice for permitting judicial officers/ petitioners in Direct HJS Exam 2016  PDF  27/07/2016
Last Date:31/07/2016
1039. Set Wise Answer Keys, Scanned OMR of each candidate and Objection Form of Stage-I examination held on 23.07.2016 for the PERSONAL ASSISTANT RECRUITMENT EXAMINATION-2016  HTML 27/07/2016
Last Date:30/07/2016
1040. Appointment Letter issued of Selected Candidates for the Post of Class IV Post  PDF  23/07/2016
Last Date:08/08/2016
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